What is ProjectProgress

ProjectProgress gives organisations the tools and insight they need to empower their project teams to deliver projects within the estimated cost and deadline, to an overall acceptable quality ensuring all the major deliverables have been completed

ProjectProgress enables oversight of your corporate programme and delivers instant snapshots of your key projects allowing instant drill down to major project issues and risks eliminating costly project bottlenecks. As a result, accurate forecasts can now be generated with effective collaboration transforming problems into solutions.

ProjectProgress is a hosted service so there's no hardware or software installation required. Simply log-in, set up a new project (it takes only a few seconds).

Your Project Board can participate by collaborating information on your project from anywhere in the world. It's a simple, organized, professional way to communicate to both clients and other team managers. Finally, everyone's on the same page.


Gone are all those installation issues like “Can’t open anything”, “Need help with installation”, “After installing the software I get errors” ,”As they upgrade there software we lose our data and non-compatibility that you get with old technology still used by other IT suppliers . Not with us. No more complicated download issues

Sources of installation issues are sometimes difficult to identify. Causes can be as simple as an incorrect setting and as complex as corrupted files and damaged hardware. Whatever the cause, the inability to install a software program can be frustrating. Unlike other PRINCE2™ downloadable software this is never the case with ProjectProgress as we are the first and truly only web based PRINCE2™ solution.

Go with the No#1 PRINCE2™ online solution.